PernixData Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions

February 9, 2014 by FrankBrix

Top 20 FAQ on PernixData FVP:

Q1: What is PernixData FVP?

A: PernixData FVP is a kernel module installed inside the ESXi hypervisor that uses local flash as a transparent cache to accelerate virtual machines storage performance.

Q2: What storage protocols does PernixData FVP support?

A: PernixData FVP supports block storage. FC, FCoE and iSCSI

Q3: What about NFS support?

A: the new version 2.0 supports also for NFS storage systems

Q4: What version of VMware is supported with PernixData FVP?

A: As of writing PernixData FVP supports vSphere 5.0 and 5.1, and 5.5

Q5: What about support for vSphere 5.5 and the new Web Client?

A: vSphere 5.5 and full web client support is coming soon. It is currently in beta. You can request access to the beta here:

Q6: What kind of Flash devices do you support?

A: We support every flash device that is on the VMware’s HCL list. This could be PCIe or SSD drives.

· PernixData also support for using RAM as Cache instead of SSD ( version 2.0 )

Q7: So PernixData FVP is a caching solution. Is it only Read cache it supports?

A: PernixData FVP supports Write Through (Read) and Write Back (Read & Write) caching.

Q8: Write Back caching, how do you make sure I don’t lose data in case of host or SSD failure?

A: PernixData gives you the option to choose 1 or 2 replicas partners. If you choose two your write data will be acknowledged from three SSD in three different hosts.

Q9: What network do you use for replication traffic. Can I select another one?

A: PernixData by default selects your vMotion vmkernel adapter. You can choose another one and put it on a dedicated vSS/vDS with dedicated physical nics.

Q10: Does PernixData FVP work with DRS, HA, vMotion etc.?

A: PernixData has full support for all VMware clustering features. The administrator will still be able to vMotion, use HA in case of a host failure and DRS can distribute the virtual machines.

Q11: Wow! Impressive, there must be some VMware features you do not support?

A: PernixData does not accelerate Raw Device Mapped disks (RDM) and PernixData does not support VMware fault tolerant protected virtual machines.

Shay Hyams | Technologies Expert


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