VMware vCenter Operations Manager 5.8.2 Released

VCenter Operation Box Shot

VMware has released version 5.8.2 update for VMware vCenter Operations Suite which provides the following new features and security enhancements:

Enhanced Networking Support

Added VMware vSphere Distributed Switch as a managed object with associated metrics within the NSX Management Pack. vSphere Distributed Switch is compatible with vSphere 5.5.

New ESX Host Property

Exposed the ESX Host UUID as a new property for host managed objects in the VMware adapter.

Enhanced Widget Interaction

The Heatmap Widget is enhanced in the following ways:

  • Can be a target of widget interaction
  • Contents can be filtered based on the source of interaction.

vCenter Chargeback Manager EOA

As of June 10, 2014, vCenter Chargeback Manager reaches End of Availability (EOA) and is no longer bundled with the vCenter Operations Manager product suite.

OpenSSL Update

OpenSSL was updated to address several vulnerabilities:

  • SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability. (CVE-2014-0224)
  • DTLS recursion flaw. (CVE-2014-0221)
  • Anonymous ECDH denial of service. (CVE-2014-3470)
  • FLUSH+RELOAD Cache Side-channel vulnerability. (CVE-2014-0076)

Apache Struts Update

Updated Apache Struts to remediate several vulnerabilities:

  • DoS due to small buffer size (CVE-2014-0050)
  • ClassLoader ParametersInterceptor manipulation (CVE-2014-0094)
  • ClassLoader ParametersInterceptor manipulation (CVE-2014-0112)
  • ClassLoader CookieInterceptor manipulation (CVE-2014-0113)


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