VMware Virtual SAN GA announced


VMware has just announced that it’s Software Defined Storage(SDS) product, Virtual SAN, will GA as soon as next week on March 10th.

VMware has also surprised and revealed that Virtual SAN will support up to 32 nodes in a cluster and up to 2 million IOPS!



By Rotem Agmon Posted in Info

One comment on “VMware Virtual SAN GA announced

  1. The 32 nodes was not a surprise. It was announced almost 5 months ago that the beta was 8 nodes and the production would be 32 nodes. As for the 2Million IOPS, look at the chart, it is not 2M I/Os, it is 2M reads only. it is 640K IOPs. It is not that hard to get to 2M reads when you have 32 * 5= 160 SSD drives. Probably 1TB drives at that, so 160TB of SSD read/write cache or more.

    Granted 640K IOPs isn’t anything to sneeze at. Again, not too hard with 5*7*32=1120 harddrives with 160+TB of read/write cache. (5 disk groups of 7 HD on 32 hosts).

    I would be interested in seeing the actual specs of that benchmark. In particular did they configure it with PCIe SSD devices with really fast Flash. I am assuming that everything was Enterprise level SAS drives and not High capacity SATA drives that most of use would probably implement in the real world. It would be far more interesting to see a more real world benchmark. Start with 1 disk group on 8 hosts with information on the stripe factor used as well as the replication factor.

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