HP Virtual Connect 4.01 Released

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  • HP BladeSystem c-Class Virtual Connect Firmware 4.01 was released:

  • Version 4.01 of Virtual Connect contains support for the following enhancements:
      • Manageability enhancements:
        • Extended support for FCoE protocol on Flex-10/10D and FlexFabric modules, which includes FIP snooping support but is limited to dual-hop configurations. FlexFabric module dual-hop FCoEsupport is restricted to uplink ports X1-X4.


        • Prioritization of critical application traffic with QoS.


        • Minimum and maximum bandwidth optimization for efficient allocation of bandwidth in virtualized environments with Flex-10 and FlexFabric adapters. Flex-10 and FlexFabric adapter firmware and drivers must be updated to SPP version 2013.02.00, or the latest hotfix thereafter, to take advantage of this enhancement.


        • VC SNMP MIB enhancements for improved troubleshooting and failure analysis. Virtual Connect SNMP Domain MIB (vc-domain-mib.mib) traps now contain detailed information with the root cause of each event.
        • Enhanced support for LLDP MIB, Bridge MIB, Interface MIB, and Link aggregation MIB
        • The domain status alerts screen includes cause and root cause for each alert.
        • Customization of VC user roles and privileges.


        • The VCM GUI now allows searching for Network Access Groups, modules, interconnect bays, and device bay items from the left navigation tree.
        • Configurable long or short LACP timer.
        • VCM CLI TAB key auto-completion.
        • The Network, SUS, and hardware pages now display the remote system name instead of the MAC address.
  • Security enhancements:
      • IGMP Snooping enhancements with multicast group host membership filtering.
      • Ability to set session timeout for idle VCM CLI or VCM GUI management sessions.
      • Protection of VC Enet modules from buffer exhaustion due to flooding of Pause packets from servers.
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