VMware vCenter Operations Manager 5.7 and VMware vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View 1.5 Released!

VCenter Operation Box Shot

VMware has released the anticipated  5.7 update for VMware vCenter Operations Suite which provides the following new features:

More Flexibility with Capacity Planning

  • Assess capacity risk and plan by allocation and/or actual demand: Set policies based on your varying business needs to assess capacity risk, efficiency, and forecast. For example, different buffers, over-commit ratios, alert thresholds, business hours, etc., across production and test-dev environments.
  • New views for Cluster Capacity Risk: Quickly identify via color-coded Cluster capacity risk view which clusters grouped by business criteria, etc., are at capacity risk—facing a capacity shortfall now or in the near future or just not sized right. Drill down for each cluster in the Cluster Risk Detail view to analyze which resource is it constrained on and why.
  • New policies for common environments and workloads: New out-of-the-box policies, such as Production and Test-Dev policies, enable quick set-up of vCenter Operations Manager capacity settings for common types of environments. Additional new out-of-the-box policies, such as Batch workload, Interactive workload, and Ignore VMs policies, help fine-tune capacity configuration settings to accurately right size and analyze different workloads based on their performance characteristics.

Improved Self-Monitoring

This release introduces new diagnostics metrics to monitor the health and availability of vCenter Operations Manager components, such as Analytics, Collector, Active MQ, Web server, database, and operating system.

Widgets with Improved Flexibility and Usability

  • Health Tree Widget: Easy visualization for large number of objects.
  • Generic Scoreboard Widget: Support for Sparkline, string metrics, and metrics filtering by resource.
  • Metric Sparkline Widget: Configurable color ranges and units, support for resource type and label.
  • Resource Widget: Customizable to add metrics beyond health.
  • Top-N Analysis Widget: Support for analysis based on latest values.

New Custom Relationship Widget

Allows you to build a custom resource hierarchy and relationship view, just like the existing out-of-the-box vCenter Server view.

Custom UI Import and Export Changes for Dashboards and Super Metrics

  • Export format changed from binary (.bin) to XML (.xml): .bin formats are still supported for backward compatibility.
  • DBCLI Enhancements: Programmatically import and export Super Metrics.
  • Pre-population of Dashboard objects during import.

Balanced Metrics Profile

This release introduces a new metrics profile that reports a reduced set of metrics. Increase the scalability of vCenter Operations Manager to support more resources by changing the metrics profile to the new “Balanced” profile in vCenter Operations Manager Administration.

VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator Filtering Capability

You can configure how resources discovered by vCenter Infrastructure Navigator are displayed in vCenter Operations Manager. This release introduces a configurable filtering capability to the vCenter Infrastructure Navigator adapter to control Application service and Application resource reporting. For each resource type, you can configure either “blackList” or “whiteList” filtering in the configuration file filterList.txt.

  • blackList: The vCenter Infrastructure Navigator adapter ignores specified entries. If an Application Service name or an Application name is included in the “blackList,” it is not reported by the vCenter Infrastructure Navigator adapter. This is the default setting. The vCenter Infrastructure Navigator adapter filters unknown Application service names by default.
  • whiteList: The vCenter Infrastructure Navigator adapter reports only the specified entries. If there are no entries added to the whiteList mode, none of the resources of the corresponding resource type are displayed.

New Browser Support

This release adds new support for the following browsers: Apple Safari version 6, Google Chrome versions 24 and 25, and Mozilla Firefox 18 and 19.

Security Hardening

This release includes additional security hardening and increases compliance with The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and The Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) guidelines.

Also released is VMware vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View 1.5 ehich provides the following new features:

  • vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View 1.5 supports multiple Horizon View instances, spread across one or more datacenters, within the same instance of vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View. Horizon View 5.x deployments upwards of 7,500 concurrent users can now be supported within a single instance of vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View.
  • New agent-based View data collection and aggregation for Horizon View 5.2 desktops
  • Streamlined installation of the vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View desktop agent:
    • Included in Horizon View 5.2 Installation process
      Note: The desktop agents of vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View 1.5 can be manually deployed to View 5.0 and 5.1 virtual machines for complete View 5.x deployment coverage with vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View 1.5
  • Support for multiple Horizon View instances within the same instance of vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View
  • Improved vCenter Operations Manager analytics (based on vCenter Operations Manager 5.7)
  • Scalability enhancements:
    • Reduced metric sets for scalability
  • Support for Horizon View adapter on vCenter Operations Manager remote collectors
  • Multiple Horizon View adapters on different remote collectors
  • Pre-configured supermetrics (including concurrent session count for licensing)
  • vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View adapter self health information
  • vCenter Operations Manager for View 1.0 to vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View 1.5 upgrade and data migration support
  • Additional enhancements to the Resources, Scoreboard, and Relationships widgets


  • VMware vCenter Operations Manager 5.7 Release Notes:


  • VMware vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View 1.5 Release Notes


  • Product Download Page:


  • Installation and Configuration Guide:


  • Product Documentation:


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