New VMware Beta – VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager (MHM) 1.1


What’s New in the MHM 1.1 Beta?

vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager 1.1 is a minor release with the following new capabilities:

  • Migration of virtual machines from Hyper-V to ESX or ESXi hosts (Utilizing VMware Converter Standalone)
  • Support for the latest Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor (as well as earlier Hyper-V versions).
  • Increased scalability with regards to an increased number of supported third-party hosts to 50 (from 20 in vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager 1.0).
  • Ability to provide custom certificates for the vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager server from the installer wizard.
  • Multiple objects selection in the UI of the vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager plug-in and a number of other usability improvements.
  • vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager server and client-side bug fixes
By Rotem Agmon Posted in Info

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