vSphere replication Unexpected status code: 403 when trying to add Remote Site

When you are trying to add remote site you get an error: Unexpected Status code: 403.

And it seems like that the vSphere Replication Appliance is not even trying to make connection with the remote site.

Remote side can be reside on a different vCenter in same AD domain or another AD domain.


1. Validate your internet explorer is not using any proxy settings.

2. Validate that the connection between the VRA and the remote vCenter is not using any transparent proxy.

3. Make sure the SSO is working properly on both vCenters

4. USE FQDN all over, that can be resolved on both sites, otherwise the pairing process will fail.


Shay Hyams


2 comments on “vSphere replication Unexpected status code: 403 when trying to add Remote Site

  1. Hi, I have an issue setting up remote site for Replication with Vcenter server 5.1 and appliance version
    I am trying to set up replication between two sites A & B and I have a Vcenter Server 5.1 and Replication appliance running at both sites.
    It is all a test environment and we will go live once we test out the replication.
    When I try to setup Remote site I get a Vcenter server Port 80 refused error and the strange thing is that I get this error on both sides for the same Vcenter Server. I can telnet the Vcenter server with the error from any machine on its LAN .
    Firewall is turned off on both Vcenter servers and the Routers are configured to forward traffic on Port 80 to the respective Vcenter server.
    Can you help me on this?

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