FREE VMware eLearning courses (Feb 2013)

VMware Education

VMware has released the following FREE eLearning courses for virtualizing Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Sharepoint:

  • Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server with VMware [V5.X]

    • Overview:
      This free eLearning course facilitates the avoidance of the pitfalls commonly encountered when experienced VMware vSphere professionals cross the chasm of Tier-1 SQL Server virtualization.
    • Objectives:
      • Describe how to design and implement SQL Server database on VMware.
      • Describe how to design for uptime and performance.
      • Discuss how to leverage VMware products and technologies.
      • Discuss various SQL Server licensing scenarios.
  • Virtualizing Microsoft SharePoint with VMware [V5.X]

    • Overview:
      This self paced course discusses why organizations need to consider virtualization of Microsoft SharePoint. This course focuses on the SharePoint design prerequisites and general guidelines for designing, sizing, and implementing SharePoint on vSphere.
    • Objectives:
      • Describe the need for virtualizing Microsoft SharePoint.
      • Describe the benefits of virtualizing Microsoft SharePoint.
      • Explain the reference architecture of SharePoint on VMware vSphere with examples.
      • Identify the prerequisites for virtualizing SharePoint on vSphere.
      • Explain the support and licensing options for SharePoint on vSphere.
      • Describe the process for designing the virtualization of SharePoint on vSphere.
      • List the general guidelines for virtualizing SharePoint.
      • Describe the implementation alternatives for SharePoint virtualization.
      • List the implementation steps for SharePoint virtualization.
      • Identify the guidelines for SharePoint virtualization.
      • Explain the process of performance testing and monitoring of SharePoint on vSphere.

Note: For more FREE VMware eLearning courses available please see the following post

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