New HP Proliant Releases (Feb 2013)

  • HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server 7.1.2  (Feb 2013)

  • Added support for VMware ESX 5.0 U2 (added in 7.1.2)
  • Added support for latest firmware Smart Components (added in 7.1.1)
  • Full interoperability with VMware’s latest version — vSphere 5.1
  • New Web Client Graphical User Interface introduced in vCenter with vSphere 5.1
  • Portlet based overview and detailed table dashboards for HP Server, HP Infrastructure and HP Storage
  • Active management for 3PAR arrays, including the ability to perform storage provisioning operations such as adding a new datastore, deleting or expanding an existing datastore, creating new VMs from a template, and cloning existing VMs
  • In context launch of HP management ecosystem tools (iLO, Onboard Administrator, Virtual Connect, HP Storage Management)
  • One installer delivers both the vCenter application based vSphere client and the web based version integrations
  • February 2013 VMware FW and Software Recipe:

  • HP Service Pack for ProLiant 2013.02.0 has been released and available for download:

    • Release Summary: 
      • Added support for new HP ProLiant options:
        • HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 366FLR Adapter
        • HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 560M Adapter
        • HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 560FLR SFP+ Adapter
        • HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 530T Adapter
      • Added operating system support for:
        • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9
        • VMware ESXi  5.0 U2
        • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 for the following HP ProLiant G6 servers:
          • HP ProLiant BL460c G6 Server
          • HP ProLiant DL380 G6 Server
          • HP ProLiant DL360 G6 Server
          • HP ProLiant ML350 G6 Server
      • Added online deployment of a select set of firmware components to systems running VMware ESXi 5.0 or VMware vSphere 5.1 including
        • HP ProLiant Gen 8 and G7 BIOS System ROMS
        • HP Integrated Lights-Out 3 and 4
        • Smart Array Controllers – P2XX, P4XX, P8XX
        • Select Hard Disk Drives for HP ProLiant Gen 8 and G7 servers
      • Added a directory, named PXE, that contains information about PXE booting the SPP ISO and sample files
      • Updated to HP Smart Update Manager 5.3.5
        • Added ability to allow users to use root credentials to deploy firmware components and rpms to Linux systems when logged in with a user account
        • Performance improvement to Add New Target screen: Added Server / Operating System selections to the Target Type drop down list
        • Updated reports to include driver and agent information in addition to NIC /CNA/FC HBA driver and firmware information for Windows and Linux operating systems
        • Reduced memory usage and improved performance when generating repositories
  • HP BladeSystem c-Class Virtual Connect Firmware 3.75 (19 Feb 2013)

    • Download
    • Release Notes
    • Version 3.75 of Virtual Connect contains support for the following enhancements:
      • Support for new hardware:
        • AJ716B Avago B-series 8Gb transceivers
        • AJ716B Finisar B-series 8Gb transceivers
      • Browser support:
        • Firefox 10 and 15
    • The VC 3.75 release resolves the following issues:
      •  An error message: “The operation resulted in the following error null” appeared when trying to copy a working profile with multiple networks that belong to a user-defined network access group.
      • HP VC 4/8 Gb 20-port FC modules could not operate at 8Gb reliably when connecting to Cisco Nexus 5xxx series switches.
      • The “Go to Network” action on the Ethernet Networks (Server Connections) screen did not open the Edit Network screen.
      • The Virtual Connect Manager CLI did not allow modification of an already existing Ethernet profile connection with an index of 100 or higher.
      • An extra button appeared when using Internet Explorer 8 to view the Detailed Statistics screen for FC uplink ports on a VC FlexFabric module. If this button was clicked, and then the Back to Previous Page button was clicked, it changed the tabs in the main window. The extra button is removed.
      • DCC stayed unavailable after server power on and online speed changes failed.
      • VCM CLI parameters passed to commands were not being enclosed by quotes, and any quotes embedded in the data should also be protected by an escape character.
      • The Name-server had the wrong portID and WWN displayed. This issue usually occured when power cycling all servers in an enclosure at the same time.
      • Resolved an issue caused by enabling the “Prevent flooding of unregistered multicast traffic” option when using VCEM to manage the VC domain with the “VCEM Compatibility Mode” set to a VC firmware version earlier than 3.70.
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