VMware Releases vSphere® with Operations Management™ and VMware vSphere Data Protection™ Advanced


VMware has just made a couple of announcements relating to VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™ and VMware vSphere Data Protection™ Advanced
vSphere Data Protection Advanced (VDP Advanced) – is a new standalone product sold separately from vSphere – It extends the capabilities of VDP with greater scalability and integration with business-critical applications to protect midsize vSphere environments. VDP Advanced provides fast agent-less image-level backups, as well as guest-level application-consistent protection of Microsoft® SQL Server™ and Microsoft® Exchange Server™.

The following comparison graphic highlights the differences:



VMware vSphere with Operations Management – combines vSphere with the following vCenter Operations management features.

  • Health Monitoring and Performance Analytics – to help anticipate performance bottlenecks and enable vSphere infrastructure health with patented self-learning analytics.
  • Capacity Management and Optimization – to ensure capacity consumption is right-sized and not overprovisioned to allow for the most efficient use of virtualized resources.
  • Operations Dashboard and Root Cause Analysis – to provide intuitive operations dashboards and actionable recommendations


By Rotem Agmon Posted in Info

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