Nested esxi server communication issues:

Clone ESXi in a Nested Environment can cause mac address conflict of VMkernel

A lot of people are dealing with nested environments using vCloud or other platform to run multi-layer virtualization

That means you can actually run a VM inside a VM inside a VM….

By the aspect of multilayer virtualization, VMware allow to expose the hardware virtualization ( Intel-VT and AMD-RVI ) but this is not the problem.

Problem is that you have to actually broadcast the ARP request through your virtual switches and then to your physical switch.

When installing ESXi host on a ESXi host, the management vmk nic (virtual mac) is actually spoofing cause the Virtual machine has a different mac address for its virtual network adapter.

How do vmware allow spoofing ?

Well, easily…

You can just set the security policy on the physical ESXi host to allow it:

One thing you should consider when using ESXi as a nested VM:

1. Try to always use a fresh installation ( using Kick start is always a nice way to automate things, or maybe to use auto deploy with is new cache mode)

2. If you do trying to clone the ESXi or maybe to use it as a template to deploy from, it is possible but you can cause vmknic MAC conflict

A better way would be to clone the ESXi but to delete the vmknic before the clone process or to create a new VMkernel Nic after clone was completed


Shay Hyams


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