New HP Proliant Releases (Dec 2012)

  • HP VMware SmartComponents

HP has released a new product called VMware SmartComponents (Dec 2012) which allows you to upgrade your HP servers’s firmware ONLINE (System ROM ,iLO and HP SmartArray controllers) using VMware ESXi without requiring downtime!

  • HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server 7.1.1  (Dec 2012)

  • Full interoperability with VMware’s latest version — vSphere 5.1
  • New Web Client Graphical User Interface introduced in vCenter with vSphere 5.1
  • Portlet based overview and detailed table dashboards for HP Server, HP Infrastructure and HP Storage
  • Active management for 3PAR arrays, including the ability to perform storage provisioning operations such as adding a new datastore, deleting or expanding an existing datastore, creating new VMs from a template, and cloning existing VMs
  • In context launch of HP management ecosystem tools (iLO, Onboard Administrator, Virtual Connect, HP Storage Management)
  • One installer delivers both the vCenter application based vSphere client and the web based version integrations
  • December 2012 VMware FW and Software Recipe

  • HP Service Pack for ProLiant 2012.10.0 has been released and available for download:

    • Release Summary:
      • Added support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012
      • Added offline support for HP Diagnostics and Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
      • Updated to HP Smart Update Manager 5.3.0
        • Added custom baseline functionality
        • Reports in CSV format
        • Scheduled web downloads to repository
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