New HP Firmware for Emulex Based CNAs – 4.1.450.7

Update #2: A newer version (4.1.450.16) has been released which fixes a VMware ESXi 5.0 PSOD issue.

Release Notes:


Update #1: This version is fully compatible with HP Virtual Connect/FlexFabric:

Added support for the following operating systems:

1. RHEL 6.3

Resolved Issues from Firmware Version 4.1.402.20:

BladeEngine Firmware

1. SR IOV: Unable to ping IPV6 from DUT VF to Peer VF

2. Running ethtool with BE3 takes longer than expected after cable pull

3. FAT_CFG_SNAPSHOT command timed out

4. Out of Order CQEs

5. Data integrity Issue noted during short duration cable pulls

6. W2K8 graceful shutdown failed under B120i with NC552

7. BL460c Gen8 with 554FLB Unable to PXE boot

8. 1Gb LOM ports in Windows do not come back up when switch is power cycled

9. RSCN is not generated by switch when a driver restarts 10. 7 second delay in GET_CARD_ATTRIBUTES command

11. BE3 read sfp ioctl returns bad data on twinax cables that BE2 returns good data with

12. 554FLR FCoE Path Multipath Recovery Fail SLES11 sp1 x64

13. Out of order Abort completion and IO completion CQE

14. Received CQE_EXT_INVALID_RPI in abort completion of ELS command

15. Correction to OCSD to prevent DMA conflicts with LPFC driver


1. PXE issue on Gen 8 blades hang at gPXE prompt when set for one time PXE boot.


1. EFI: CHAP name only accepts 6 to 10 characters

2. EFI: iSCSI name is case sensitive

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